2018 Year End Awards

2019 State Champions

1D 1st  Chelsey Thomas
1D 2nd Katie Bockman

2D 1st Stephanie Harmon
2D 2nd Kristi Coker

3D 1st Yvonne Honercamp
3D 2nd Kristen Smith
4D 1st  Melinda Fulks
4D 2nd Cailyn Waide

5D 1st Jennifer Dishong
5D 2nd Kristi Coker

1D Katie Bockman
3D Teresa Thompson
4D Sonya Boyd
5D Kaye Manning


1D 1st Lauren Ford
1D 2nd Justine Barb

2D 1st Elizabeth Stephens

3D 1st Jordan Bonham

4D 1st Elizabeth Stephens

5D 1st Cheyenne Fulks
5D 2nd Jacie Roberts

Coke Race

Cierra Dake
Lead Line:
    1st Ava Oehrke

Ride Alone:
   1st Alexis Stogsdill
   2nd Elyana Carpenter
   3rd Loralei Strange

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this years Championships a success.

If you would like to be a part of the 2020 State Race committee please contact Cindy.